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"He went out, came back, muttered something then started slashing at his throat.

"The court room was then cleared out, and first aid was given by paramedics in the dock." The reporter did not see what weapon was used.

They added: "I'm not sure if he lost consciousness but he did lose a lot of blood." The Wales Air Ambulance has been called to the scene.

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Pawlowski of Pembroke Dock, had committed the assault on 30 October.

He was waiting to be sentenced on Wednesday when he injured himself. “He went out, came back, muttered something then started slashing at his throat," the reporter said.

A defendant has cut his own throat at a court in Wales.

Lukasz Robert Pawlowski, 33, had previously pleaded guilty to sexual assault by grabbing and kissing a shop assistant and kissing her on the lips at Haverfordwest Magistrates' Court.

Sbano, 38, is accused of fooling the woman into allowing him to administer a special ointment using the end of his penis, after the woman discovered a rash of white spots between her legs.

The prosecution claims Sbano even said he was acting on the advice of a gynaecologist friend known only as 'Ibby' who advised him how often to have intercourse with her, and how to do it.

A teacher from Haverfordwest broke down in court yesterday as she told a jury how she was fooled in to having sex with a Syrian-born airline pilot, but denied fabricating the events that lead to the allegation.

A barrister representing Syrian-born airline pilot, Fadi Sbano, put it to her during a trial at Swansea crown court that her evidence was made up.

"Fadi said that his method of application would have benefits because it would not be costly and would be softer than a blunt metal instrument." She said before each session Sbano would telephone Ibby for instructions and depending on how deep the application needed to be, sex would take place in different positions.


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