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Here are a few "Value Texts" that make the point (taken from ): Let's say you got the phone number of somebody you're interested in but you're not quite sure they feel the same level of intensity you do. You're doing it right now." 3) Reinforce The Memory Of Your Interaction.

Remember the Seven Golden Rules of Flirty Text Messaging and you'll be blowing up their phones with witty, funny text messages that'll make them want to know you better. Here's the very worst one you can send: "Hey, what's up?

" In fact, you're putting the burden of providing value on them.

Civil unions are recognised in terms of the Civil Union Act (2006).

Should you be unsure of any of these, legal counsel should be sought before the marriage is entered into.

Example: "My boss is doing the work of three men: Larry, Moe and Curly.

Hope your day is going better." Or, "My boss has my hair on fire. " The point is to make every flirt text vibrate with a witty sheen that makes the other person want to know you better. Length isn't just the enemy of humor; it's also a flirt-killer because it communicates neediness.

As in, you're so lonely and bored that you've just spent 15 minutes composing a text and you expect them to do the same. Once, a girlfriend showed me a text from a guy she was sort of interested in.

I got what I can only assume was a total booty text!

You try and try but everything seems like a version of "nice meeting you." Soon, you get Texter's Block. You can't create value with a line like, "how are you?


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