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However, if they actually consumed that much you would see a browse line about 6 feet high and the habitat would be destroyed.

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The camps are located next to each other and share some common facilities and support staff. The amount of time they will see each other depends on their selection of activities.

Each afternoon we do have an “open waterfront”, so that is generally the best time to “connect”. All facilities are modern and designed with comfort, health and safety in mind.

Additionally, the same is true if a parent determined that they would not allow their child to participate.

Search our online personals for the Granite State of New Hampshire.

Food plots can transform deer management, even on small tracts, and make your hunting dreams come true.

What’s the big difference between food plots and their native vegetation?

Although schools are required to administer the exams, students cannot be compelled to participate.

There are many reasons why parents may not wish their children to participate in the statewide assessments including privacy concerns, the tests have no proven academic or diagnostic value, results are released months after children have moved to another class, loss of instructional time to test prep and testing, and the stress and pressures of testing.

An average adult deer will consume 6 pounds of feed per day.


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