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Rising education levels, late marriages and long working hours among women have contributed to the fall in fertility rates across Asia.

Singapore has the lowest fertility rate among 222 nations, according to the World Factbook, with a woman expected to give birth to an average 0.78 children during her lifetime.

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"Asia as a whole is aging for sure, and this poses two big strategic challenges," said Donghyun Park, senior economist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Tamas derived defining nature of the experience, and freedom of movement of women and of people of any religion other than islam will banned from the website.With the special program prepared by the organizers, the event came out as a huge success.After a number of icebreakers, the participants felt more comfortable and familiar with each other.You don’t have to see smiles to know you’re safe You don’t have to see to feel you’re home,” the ad says."At the moment I think it is difficult if I were to hold my current job and have a child too," Ang said.The participants’ most-awaited part of the speed dating went on through a rotation process, wherein ladies remain seated while the guys move from one table to another.


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