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I should also mention that my heritage is Indian, and that my mom served up traditional spicy dishes on a nightly basis. I'd always assumed that he'd just burned all the taste buds off his tongue, leaving him desensitized to the pain I felt if a raw pepper came anywhere near mine.

But the science of spicy food liking and intake -- there's a whole body of research dating back at least to the 1980s on this -- shows there's more to it than just increased tolerance with repeated exposure.

Voor u betekent dat online dating met een gerust hart!

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Personality, researchers say, is also a factor in whether a person enjoys spicy meals and how often he or she eats them. Over the past few decades, culinary psychologists and other food researchers have proposed several cultural and biological reasons why we eat spices that may elicit pain, such as early learning, prior exposure, societal norms and physiological differences in taste and oral anatomy.

Although desensitization to capsaicin, the plant chemical that gives peppers their burn, is well documented, there's also evidence that the effect is surprisingly small.

When I was a kid, I'd watch in awe as my dad ate dinner.

It wasn't just the heaps of food piled on his plate that impressed me.

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Attempting to be high tech, you need to leave your seat to view a large i Pad thing on the wall, then place your order traditionally with the waiter.

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