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If you must give out an address, consider getting a P. Some dating sites even have phone services which allow users to talk to each other without giving out their telephone numbers. If a person is too pushy or seems to be to eager to meet you quickly, this could be cause for concern. Some people may be using others photos or very outdated photos. Featured on: CNN, CBS, FOX, Sirius Satellite, KROQ, KIIS, Mike & Juliet Show, Good Day Las Vegas, Esquire Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and countless radio shows.Notice signs of irritability, anger or even people who brag about themselves too much. There are two sides to every story so listen carefully when the person answers as to why their last relationship didn't last. If you are concerned the person in the photo is not who they say they are, ask them to take a quick digital shot holding that day's newspaper. * All break up and relationship articles are the property of their owners.

The below 10 tips will show you some ways to reduce the risk of online dating. Guard Your Identity: Don't use your real name on dating profiles, in chat rooms or while instant messaging. Some dating websites offer free in-house email accounts so you don't even need to give out your own email address to correspond. Choose a dating site with a long-term reputation like match or e-harmony. * Founder - highest trafficked abused women's message board on the net * Founder of Largest Online Database of Men in the World * Author of 'Sex, Lies and the Internet,' A Survival Guide to Online Dating Online dating expert on numerous talks shows and call-in radio shows - Author of over 50 articles on online dating and relationships * Author of 22 dating and relationship quizzes * Internet Polling Expert on relationship and dating issues, surveying over 350,000 women in on-line polls * Creator of 9 women's comedy cartoon e-cards, including one claymation * Creator of 6 women's online games, one arcade quality Ms.

Do not post your phone number, address or anything else that may identify you. Some of these websites allow a completely anonymous technology that helps keep you safer. Ask a lot of questions, notice the way the person writes and pay attention. If you become a victim of cyber-stalking or have any future problems online, the only way to solve the problems is by having proof. Alexander is frequently called on by the media as the nation's leading Dating Expert.

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Many times people are on multiple dating sites and use the same profile name. If they come on too quickly sexually, they are most likely doing that to others, as well as you, at the same time.

If the person claims to be a doctor, ask them some medical questions.

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