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(Sadly, no one makes those for us ever-common brown haired folk.) Irked at their high horse, I decided I would write a scathing (yet gentle) article about how redheads are actually a genetic dead end and that everybody widely agrees they’ll be gone in a few generations due to the utter weakness and inferiority of the redheaded gene. Put simply, there is a common wisdom that redheads will go extinct because red hair is a recessive gene or because Scotland’s going to get less cloudy due to climate change. This has been oft-repeated, but is (thankfully) still wrong.First off, it is true that the gene for red hair is recessive.

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Baldness: Redheads also have a low number of hair follicles (although the coarse texture can make the hair look thicker).

After blondes, they are the most likely to suffer baldness.

Coarseness: Red hair is the coarsest hair colour, and its thickness makes it especially prone to moisture loss.

The result is a propensity towards dryness and frizziness that must be fought with conditioner.

” To which the response was, “pressure point massage.” The inquisitive chap on the other side of the curtain pressed on. ” the voice of the staff member was now getting louder, “we do normal massage.” The English voice pressed on and finally got to the point, “what about a happy ending?

” At which point the response was “you dirty man, you get out now!Thomas Knights, a 31-year-old British fashion photographer — and redhead — was sick and tired of his fellow gingers’ “long history of discrimination.” “It’s so ingrained in people’s subconscious that the ginger man isn’t cool or inspirational or the hero,” laments Knights.“There is such a difference in how the redheaded female is an overly sexualized, heightened version of a woman, and the ginger man is the polar opposite — a completely desexualized and emasculated version of a male.” Knights set out to reverse those stereotypes — which he says go back as far as the Anglo-Scottish wars and have been perpetuated by modern-day Hollywood — in his new exhibit, “Red Hot,” running through Sept. The free exhibition boasts more than 100 (shirtless) portraits and four films depicting the redheaded man as a strong, hot, sexual force to be reckoned with.Before telling you about the mistakes expats often make when dating a Dutch man, here’s a story about an incident in Amsterdam.A female friend and sometimes running partner of the shallow man, was having a massage in a place in the Rivierenbuurt.So if you’re prone to losing your other half while you’re out and about, bright ginger locks might provide a better alternative to a leash. Out of suffering, comes beauty As we all know, gingers and sunlight don’t mix. So if you’re a fan of hanging out in the shade, they are brilliant company. Science has proven that gingers can take more pain than their mundane counterparts.


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