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How do I change the to a or am I missing something and updating my BIOS incorrectly?

Consult your Motherboard Manual Before Making Changes Editing the system BIOS and motherboard settings improperly can result in system failure.

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If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it.

If you determine to flash BIOS, you are taking a personal risk of BIOS flash failure.

If not, then you should simply stick with your current BIOS because the new BIOS won’t make any difference and could actually cause more problems.

Unlike the operating system, the BIOS is low-level software that is stored on a chip on the motherboard of the computer.

However, you’ll perform the same basic process on all motherboards.

Probably not, but in this article I’ll walk you through the process of determining whether or not there is an update for your BIOS or UEFI firmware and whether or not you need to install it.

There are several ways to see your BIOS version from within Windows, and they work the same on PCs with a traditional BIOS or a newer UEFI firmware.

To use a command, open a Command Prompt window — press Windows Key R, type cmd into the Run dialog, and press Enter.

So I download the latest BIOS update for my P8H61-M PRO from the Asus webstie (current version 0507, downloaded version 4802) and the only thing I can see in the folder is a file.

Every time I've tried to update the BIOS, it wants a file to update from.

Just because there is an update for your BIOS does not mean that you should necessarily install it.


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