Updating operating system on iphone

Apple made two important changes to the way you install i OS 9 that will help out your storage space and probably your anxiety.If you’re like a lot of other people, you were pretty frustrated last year trying to install i OS 8.

But given the fact that if it goes wrong then you've lost your data, it's for the best it takes all the time it needs!

My advice is to do the update when you have a few hours to spare, and plug your device into the power outlet and let it do its work.

If 1.3GB is still too big of a download for you, Apple implemented a new feature to cater to those with even the most tightly packed devices.

When you attempt to download i OS 9 and find that you don’t have enough free space for the download, your i Phone will offer to temporarily delete some of your apps.

As i OS updates go, i OS 10.3 seems to be pretty bug-free.

But there is one thing that a lot of users are complaining about, and that's how long it takes to install.Apple had made it mandatory for all apps on its App Store to have 64-bit OS compatibility, back in February 2015.This mandatory requirement was for all new app submissions.The message was discovered by an app developer Peter Steinberger, which warns that the 32-bit apps ‘will not work on future i OS versions.’ The warning also mentions that the app should be updated by the original developer for compatibility with the new operating system.Though the message does not mention anything about any 32-bit apps incompatibility, the research by Peter does confirm that older 32-bit apps are creating the warning messages.Gone is the 30-year-old HFS , and in its place is the new Apple File System (APFS).

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