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This is true even if the table being updated is in a remote database.

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The database administrators (DBAs) often argue that everything runs fine, and that an Oracle database upgrade risks breaking things.

Other times, I hear DBAs say that their application vendor doesn't support an updated version of Oracle in its software, or that database upgrades are too time-consuming.

You can use subqueries in the SET portion of the UPDATE command.

The FROM clause of such subqueries can reference either the local database or a remote database.

Oracle provides the Database Upgrade Assistant and specialized scripts and tools to assist with the upgrade process and to automate many steps.

This chapter discusses important information and requirements and guides you through the process of upgrading a database to Oracle Database 11 Caution: If you retain the old Oracle software, then never start the upgraded database with the old Oracle software.

Larry Ellison and his two friends and former co-workers, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, started a consultancy called Software Development Laboratories (SDL) in 1977.

SDL developed the original version of the Oracle software.

And if your company isn't on either version, you'll likely be asked to upgrade before receiving any assistance from Oracle's support team. Recently, I received a question from an individual on Oracle 8.0.5 who asked how to install it on Windows Server 2012.

But older Oracle versions aren't supported or certified on newer operating systems.

If you want to keep up with whatever platform changes your server team has planned, you should keep up with Oracle upgrades. IT pros are well aware of the numerous data breaches that can cost companies millions of dollars or even put them out of business entirely.


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