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Fare Vending Machines make buying fare products quick and easy.These self-service machines sell a single fare, a return trip, a set of 10 tickets and a day pass.If you choose a Day Pass, it is valid only on the day of purchase.

If there is no valid season ticket on the MOBIB card, the basic tariffs in terms of infractions will be applied.

To activate your transport ticket and be allowed to travel on the STIB network.

If you encounter difficulty please head to the nearest SNCF ticket desk and present your collection reference (PNR).

Receive your tickets Your tickets will now print and dispense from a slot beneath the screen.

The machines accept coins and bills up to $20 and provide change on a purchase.

*Note graphics do not illustrate current fare pricing Step 1 - Select a fare using the display screen and option buttons.

Each ticket and its print status will be displayed on screen.

Make sure that all of the tickets have printed before leaving the machine.

If you choose Ticket Strips from the "Select Fare" screen you may purchase a package of 10 tickets.


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