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Men will face nearly 4 million job losses and 1.4 million gains, while women will have 3 million losses for 0.55 gains.This is because AI will displace jobs that women hold at higher rates, such as administrative positions, and because it'll affect the tech industry where there is already a well documented disparity.

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An excellent feature in Foreign Policy magazine this month got me thinking about what the true threat with AI is, and there seems to be more than one.

First the threat to jobs is real, and it's weighted more heavily towards women.

And my parents started using it more as well, to keep in touch with Chinese friends.

To this day, I’m proud of the extensive GIF collection I’ve amassed.

Since, from the brain’s point of view, his hand is still there, it needs only to be recalled to life. With the “stimulation” turned on—the electronic feed coursing from the sensors—Spetic feels nineteen distinct sensations in his artificial hand.

Above all, he can feel pressure as he would with a living hand. Though Spetic is an industrial worker, he has been in the study long enough to have absorbed the language of the investigators, and he now speaks easily of “the double-blind data” and “following the expanding parameters of the experiment.”Spetic, burly and broad-faced, with the quietly powerful look of someone accustomed to working hard with his arms and hands, is undertaking a new set of tests: with no prosthesis on at all, simply by willing the nerves—in what is crudely called his stump, what is politely called his residual—he is manipulating a virtual hand in a virtual space, represented on a flat screen in front of him.

“We don’t appreciate how much of our behavior is governed by our intense sensitivity to pressure,” Dustin Tyler, the fresh-faced principal investigator on the Cleveland project, says, observing Spetic closely. He moves his hand through the muscles in his arm by using his head, and the hand on the screen moves, too, reaching out and grasping the ball.“Turn the stim on,” he says, almost longingly.

“We think of hot and cold, or of textures, silk and cotton. An experimenter raises an eyebrow—protocol stipulates that the subject should not know when the stim is turned on—but he does, and immediately Spetic begins to pick the ball up easily.

If your friend asks for money, it automatically pops up with payment options. S.-based users, and will automatically detect if a conversation on the app is in Spanish and switch language.

“To experience M, simply chat with a friend or a group as you normally would,” the company wrote on If you find the M suggestions annoying, you can always mute them in the settings.

Different countries have different popular chat apps that are not just texting and social media, but often have functions similar to what you see in Tinder, Venmo, or Uber.


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