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“First thing I loved about China – her and I have known each other for many years and we clicked immediately,” she said. She’s very happy and I’m very happy.” “First thing I loved about Dylan was how immediately connected we were,” Dove told JJJ. If you are a celebrity, your personal life is not private at all until you put extra efforts on that.

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Also coming back for the follow-up will be cast members Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson and Mitchell Hope.

China Anne Mc Clain will also join the cast as the daughter of sea witch Ursula.

She is an amazing girl and seriously makes you feel like you’re her best friend upon meeting her.

This talented actress and singer is only 16, but she’s wise beyond her years, especially when it comes to love and romance. China is this year’s spokesperson for Do Something’s Love Letters campaign, which sends handmade Valentines to older adults. In addition to making Valentines, China took some time to answer some of our questions and give us advice on love, crushes, and being single during the most couple-y holiday of the year: 1.

The names of her parents are Shontell Mc Clain and Micheal Mc Clain and they must be very proud of her.

A lot of information on this diva and her amazing biography can be easily extracted from popular wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb.

Everyone at his table started laughing so that didn’t help anything. What’s your best advice for getting to know your crush or telling your crush you like them? I don’t even want to tell you the worst dating advice I’ve ever gotten! Do you think they’re forever or think it’s important to date a few people in life?

You can’t get to know your crush unless you go and start a conversation. If it goes great, you two can get to know each other more. I think some young relationships can be forever, but I also think it’s wise to not get too serious too fast with one person.

Their profession is bound to attract people around them, who not only try take a peek in the professional aspect, but their personal life as well.

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