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Ritter will play the newly renovated Grand Canal Theatre on Tuesday April 27th.

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Some unlucky souls who hadn’t managed to buy tickets walked the queue asking to buy any spares but from where I stood, no one was giving up a ticket – a Ritter show is not to be missed!

This tour, billed as ‘Works In Progress Shows’ includes a handful of dates during which Ritter, playing solo, road tests some new songs.

Having last released an album in 2015, SERMON ON THE ROCKS, it seems that Ritter has material for his next one and I, like many, always look forward to hearing what he’s going to do next. Stephen’s Church in the Shepherd’s Bush area of London caters for a mixed and vibrant community with the church itself dating back to 1850.

It has beautiful stained glass windows carved furniture and pews.

Wheelchair access All of our theaters and classrooms are accessible to patrons who use wheelchairs.

Most restrooms and water fountains in all facilities are wheelchair accessible, and restrooms are equipped with strobe-light as well as audio alarm systems.

Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to Josh Ritter.

Josh Ritter is an American singer songwiter in the country folk style.

Capitalising upon this success, Josh toured extensively, both on his own and in support of artists like The Frames.

It was the latter's Irish tour that introduced the singer to the country where he has arguably enjoyed his biggest success.

When you have a loyal following like Josh Ritter does, it comes as no surprise that his only UK date on this tour, would sell out and quickly!

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