Who is missy elliott dating dating action now

Missy Elliott feels that little, daily acts of caring and thoughtfulness are essential to the happiness and success of relationships and she knows how to make others feel accepted, loved and cherished. She is assertive and confronts difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way.At last night’s BET Awards, opening act Pharrell Williams brought out Missy Elliott for a show-stopping mash-up of his “Come Get It Bae” and her 2003 hit “Pass That Dutch.” Coincidentally, next month marks nine long years since Missy, one of rap’s most acclaimed performers, released her most recent solo album, The Cookbook.Missy Elliott is an idealist who would like to paint the world in pastel colors, and live in peace and harmony with others at all times.

Her partner, Sharaya J is an Hawaiian aspiring rapper. It is now claimed that they have got secretly married.

On the other hand, Elliott has denied all these news; she said to the media that it is so sad to hear all about this.

It had been according to “rumors,” that Missy now got married to her protege and also longtime partner, her name is Sharaya J.

Both of them had been spotted while they were having a walk in New York.

Missy Elliott is impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way she appears.

Her feelings are on the surface and Missy cannot hide her emotions.Missy Elliott has a soft exterior and tends to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people.However, Missy sometimes lets her emotions overpower her reasoning and logic, and consequently she is sometimes biased in her opinions.Respected readers we are here to let you know something which you want to know and that is ”Who is Missy Elliot dating?Missy Elliott Boyfriend girlfriend, Husband and much more about her relationships in this article.Vixen recently caught up with the cocoa complected beauty about her musical evolution, relationship with Missy Elliott and which artist she feels can follow in her musical footsteps.

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