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and has been nominated for 3 Tony Awards and deserves to be recognised in her own right for her accomplishments but it’s just that, well, if you loved River Phoenix, you can’t help but think of him when you see her.

Earlier this year I tagged along with Laura and Lorella for and I could hear the 15 year old me wondering why he wasn’t with someone prettier (don’t lie, you did too), and it was only after he died, reading about his memorial, and her comments after, that I appreciated who she would have been for him, and why he loved her so much.

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But any time there is someone who makes you proud of what you do and is instrumental in changing the way you and others see what you do, you have enormous respect and gratitude for that person.

Phil was deeply committed to New York theatre, and keeping it new and vibrant and challenging for audiences, and he did what very few people who have huge success in film do, which is to remain in New York and cultivate that.

They are my friends and it is part of our work, although I don’t think actors have any kind of ‘corner’ on addiction.

“I knew Phil, although we were not close friends by any means, and we had never worked together.

Joaquin Phoenix's life is as unique as the characters he plays onscreen. His parents were members of the religious group the Children of God, leading to a unique upbringing for Joaquin and the other Phoenix children.

The actor has been working on and off since the early '80s, though it wasn't until his star turn opposite Russell Crowe in "Gladiator" (2000) that Phoenix became a household name. Due to the group's extensive traveling, Joaquin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The actor's parents became disenchanted with the Children of God and, in 1978, returned to the U. During this time, they changed their family name to "Phoenix" to represent a new beginning. Joaquin is the younger brother of late actor River Phoenix.

(Later, I learned it was not.) River was this beautiful golden boy with floppy golden hair, the James Dean look-alike, the risk-taker, the indie musician, the environmentalist, the vegan, the Oscar-nominated talent, the badass with the cool name and the big heart.

[See our River Phoenix photo gallery here.] Above all, he had potential.

I pasted his face to my lime-green bedroom walls, tearing the pictures out of fan magazines.


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