who is dating freida pinto - Working memory and updating processes in reading comprehension

We found that poor comprehenders not only had a poorer memory, but also made a greater number of intrusion errors.

In the third and fourth experiments, memory load (number of items to be selected) and suppression request (number of potentially relevant items) were manipulated within subjects.

Dyslexic children obtained significantly lower phonological awareness, RAN-digit speed, STM and WM scores.

To better understand how such an intervention can be developed, we need to consider the models of working memory (WM) and its use in reading comprehension: the classic Baddeley model, and the current brain-based models of WM and its management.

The most widely-use model of working memory is that of Baddeley [5,6].

Executive Functions The working memory includes the structures and processes associated with the storage and processing of information over short periods of time.

It is one of the components of the so-called "executive functions": a set of mechanisms involved in the planning and self-regulation of human behavior.

Increases in both memory load and suppression requests impaired performance.

Furthermore, we found that poor comprehenders produced a greater number of intrusion errors, particularly when the suppression request was increased.Although the working memory is developed in the first years of life, it can be trained and improved with experience.According to the principal investigator of this study, Julia Morales Castillo, of the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of Granada, this study contributes to better understand cognitive development in bilingual and monolingual children."Other studies have demonstrated that bilingual children are better at planning and cognitive control (i.e.deficits beyond the documented problems of phonological processing in developmental dyslexia, concerning possible perceptual–motor automaticity and working memory (WM) ability.In this study, we examine the relation between reading comprehension ability and success in working memory updating tasks.


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